Issues with Riak Control

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I tried Firefox 9, Safari 5, and the latest Chrome. I would hardly consider these old browsers. 

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This is very much the behavior of older browsers not loading the CSS properly and displaying it. IE7, old versions of FireFox, etc. Have you tried Chrome, Safari, a latest FireFox, IE8+, etc?

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> I recently installed a Riak (1.1.1) Cluster on Rackspace Cloud Servers. Everything seems to be working ok.
> I set up the configuration to enable Riak Control. However, I am having a few issues using it.
> As soon as I login in it shows me the home page briefly and then it just displays the following in only text:
> Current Snapshot...
> Your cluster is healthy.
> You currently have...
> 0 Unreachable nodes
> 0 Nodes marked as 'down'
> 0 Nodes experiencing low memory
> Nothing to worry about because Riak is your friend
> Your cluster has problems.
> The following nodes are currently unreachable:
> The following nodes are currently marked as 'down':
> The following nodes are currently experiencing low memory:
> The URL has also changed from https://<my_ip>:8069/admin/ui/index.html to https://<my_ip>:8069/admin/ui/templates/snapshot.pjax. It's like it's forcing some kind of redirection and I don't know why.
> Kindly assist,
> Charles.
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