Riak Recap for March 19 - 22

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Fri Mar 23 15:56:57 EDT 2012

Afternoon, Evening, Morning to All -

Nice Recap to take everyone into the weekend: talks, blog posts, and more.

Enjoy. As usual, thanks for being a part of Riak.


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Riak Recap for March 19 - 22

1) The video of Bob Ippolito's "Statebox" talk from QCon SF is now on the

* Watch here --->

2) John Leach is giving a talk at FlossUK all about distributed storage
systems. I'm sure Riak will get some nice coverage. (Right, John???)

* Details here --->

3) DZone posted a piece from Paul Gross and the Braintree team all about
how they use Curator to do lazy data migration into Riak.

* Read here --->

4) Some new Riak content is up on StackOverflow:

* Riak special chars in keys --->
* Riak sort on MapReduce --->
thanks to Srdjan Pejic his SA awesomeness)

5) Some new Riak content on SA that needs answering:

* Search error from the Java Client --->
* What is the purposed of the Riak 2i index type? --->

6) Justin Sheehy is giving a talk in Chicago next month at a GOTO event.
Mark your calendars.

* Details here ---> http://gotonightchicago.eventbrite.com/
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