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By using a cluster client (HTTPClusterClient or PBClusterClient) you would get not only fail-over on an operation failure but also round-robin balancing of operations across your nodes. 

When you create either a HTTPClusterClient or a PBClusterClient you provide a list of Raik nodes. When performing an operation there's a Retrier object that is used by the Bucket object. The default Retrier tries an operation 3 times before reporting a failure. On each try, a different node is selected from the list of Riak nodes (this same mechanism also gives you load balancing across the nodes in your list in a round-robin fashion). 
The only deficiency here is that a node is never failed completely out of the list or deprioritized in any way. We do have plans to add a pluggable load balancing feature at some point that would allow for the end user to implement whatever scheme they would like.    
I've recently started work on a Riak Java client "Cookbook" and have an example of how to create a cluster client here:

Brian Roach

On Mar 26, 2012, at 11:56 AM, Zheng Zhu wrote:

> Hello, I am new to Riak and want to know if Riak java client has the node connection feature to automatically fail over to another node after timed out for current node. If so, can you share links to doc, java doc or sample code?
> Thanks
> Zheng
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