Bug for reduce-only request

Jonathan Langevin jlangevin at loomlearning.com
Wed Mar 28 03:18:03 EDT 2012

In the latest release of Riak, I just ran into a bug that has existed for a
year now.

If you issue an m/r request against a bucket in Riak, and your m/r request
only contains a reduce phase, with no map phase, Riak will return an error
response saying "bad_json".
This bug was reported a year ago:

Any chance that it will be fixed in the near future, or is this something
that should be now considered "expected behavior"?*

 Jonathan Langevin
Manager, Information Technology
Loom Inc.
Wilmington, NC: (910) 241-0433 - jlangevin at loomlearning.com -
www.loomlearning.com - Skype: intel352
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