Riak Recap for March 23 - 27

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Morning, Afternoon, Evening to All -

Great Recap for the last few days: new code, parties, blogs, and more.



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Riak Recap for March 23 - 27

2) If you're at Erlang Factory this week, here's what you need to know:

* Details here --->

2) Jon Brisbin is writing Riak-related code again :)

* He updated his Riak and RabbitMQ exchange --->
* He also updated his Misultin Riak Core VNode Dispatcher --->

3) You should read just about anything Brendan Gregg writes. This blog post
about Subsecond Offset Heat Maps (with a special focus on Riak, node.js,
and Voxer) is no exception.

* Read here --->

4) Gary Barlow wrote a post about the architecture of Picle app and how
he's planning to move from MySQL to Riak if/when the time is right.

* Post here --->

5) A new Question on SA that needs answering:

* How do you find the size of a bucket in riak --->

# Contributions

1) Sreejith Kesavan added meaningful exceptions to the Python Client.
Thanks, Sreejith!

* Code here ---> https://github.com/basho/riak-python-client/pull/110

2) Daniel Fernandez fixed the default timeout in the Riak Erlang Client.
Thanks, Daniel!

* Details here ---> https://github.com/basho/riak-erlang-client/pull/44

# A few issues to catch up on:

* MapReduce query fails if only a single JavaScript reduce phase is
specified ---> https://github.com/basho/riak_kv/issues/307
* Beams in basho-patches don't take precedence over existing code --->
* Let's ship libumem as our default memory allocator for Riak! --->
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