Bugzilla -> Github Issues for Riak client libraries

Sean Cribbs sean at basho.com
Wed Mar 28 16:27:30 EDT 2012

Hey riak-users,

In an ongoing effort to get our client-libraries in order, I've moved a
whole slew of existing bug reports and issues from our Bugzilla over to
Github issues. If you were already CC'ed on a Bugzilla ticket, you should
have received notification that this occurred. Here's a list of the bugs I
have moved, touched, or closed (not all became issues on Github):

1162 Python client unit tests suffers 4 failures against
467 Mac OS X Packaging
608 Allow multiple BKeys as input to Javascript Map/Reduce
649 Support Unicode strings for keys and buckets in the Python client
689 make fails: riakc_pb_socket.erl:72: type ctx() undefined
792 Modifying Java lib to emit multiple link headers
1277 Erlang Riak Client Throws Exceptions
1325 Fix list vs binary data type inconsistencies in Erlang PB client
1326 Infinity mapred timeout in Erlang PB does some bad math
1337 pbc client doesn't work with secondary indexes
1338 Fields annotated with @RiakKey, @RiakUsermeta included in JSON output
984 Provide a more user friendly CLI
1139 Document best practices for backup/restore on 1.0
375 YCSB benchmark plugin
385 Error handling in python client
1115 riak-javascript-client documentation shows invalid baseUrl and
mapredUrl values
241 Check for proper escaping of "/" in erlang client
242 Check for proper escaping of "/" in JS client
243 Check for proper escaping of "/" in PHP client
244 Check for proper escaping of "/" in Java client
284 Javascript client doesn't allow server-defined keys via POST
285 Javascript client doesn't allow configurable quorums
286 Javascript client doesn't allow turning off returnbody
486 Java HTTP client performance abysmal
461 Guard against non-string values of content-type in riak-erlang-client
1142 User meta and links are not copied from the pbc RiakObject to the
common riak object impl
1143 Ping is missing from the new client interface
1294 Riak Java Client pb config builder copy from bug
1296 Java client should fail fast if user attempts to execute invalid m/r
1299 Riak Java Client PB object imprecise when converting last_modified date
1035 Update Riak Erlang PB client documentation

You can go to https://issues.basho.com/<ISSUE NUMBER> to see the original
issue. Feel free to ask any questions or add your own comments to the new
issues on Github, *do not use the Bugzilla tickets*. All future issue
management for clients will be done on Github.


Sean Cribbs <sean at basho.com>
Software Engineer
Basho Technologies, Inc.
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