Two nodes cluster, 2i queries impossible when one node down?

Cedric Maion cedric at
Fri Mar 30 13:49:38 EDT 2012

Hey there,

I'm playing with a two node riak 1.1.1 cluster, but can't figure how to
make riak happy with only one node (and the other one failed).

My use case is the following:
- HTML pages gets stored in the riak cluster (it's used as a page cache)
- I'm using secondary indexes to tag those documents
- When I need to invalidate some HTML pages, I make a query on those
secondary indexes to retrieve the list of keys that needs to be deleted
(documents matching a specific tag value)

The bucket is configured with

Everything is working fine when both node are up and running.
However, if I turn one node off, secondary indexes queries returns
{error,{error,insufficient_vnodes_available}} errors.

I can't find a way to have the cluster converge to a stable state on only one node.

( is the node that has been turned off, by just stopping riak with /etc/init.d/riak stop)

root at riak-admin member_status
Attempting to restart script through sudo -u riak
================================= Membership==================================
Status     Ring    Pending    Node
valid      50.0%      --      'riak at'
valid      50.0%      --      'riak at'
Valid:2 / Leaving:0 / Exiting:0 / Joining:0 / Down:0

=> is not seen as being down, not sure if it's an issue or not

root at riak-admin transfers
Attempting to restart script through sudo -u riak
Nodes ['riak at'] are currently down.
'riak at' waiting to handoff 5 partitions

=> by creating/reading many keys, I finally get "waiting to handoff 32 partitions", which seems OK to me (ring size is 64, so each node should normally own 32).
=> however, secondary indexes queries always fails, until I turn the failed node ON again.

I tried to force "riak-admin down riak at" from the valid node, but no luck either.

Not being able to use secondary indexes while a node is down is a real problem.
Is this expected behavior, or what am I missing?

Thanks in advance!
Kind regards,


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