Riak Recap for March 28 - 30

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Sat Mar 31 16:12:46 EDT 2012

Happy Saturday.

New code, slides, and more for today's Recap.




Riak Recap for March 28 - 31

1) Joseph Blomstedt's Erlang Factory Slides are online. His talk was
called, "Test First Construction of Distributed Systems" and is a great
look at some of the approaches he and others at Basho take to writing and
testing the code that make up Riak's internals.

* Slides here --->

2) More from Erlang Factory: Jesse Newland gave an exceptional talk about
how he and a few others are rewriting GitHub Pages using Riak and

* Slides here --->

3) Some new code: Alice Kaerast just released a proof of concept of a Riak
plugin for Moodle 2.

* Code here on GitHub ---> https://github.com/kaerast/repository_riak

4) New Stack Overflow Content:

* Issues building a three node Riak Cluster from Homewbrew install --->
* Is there any way to use JS libraries in Riak? --->

5) Colin Austin has picked up work on txriak, a library that the
AuricSystems crew released last year.

* Code here ---> https://bitbucket.org/calston/txriak

# Issues

1) New

* preflist_exhausted message when running out of VMs --->
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