Riak Recap for April 27 - May 03

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Fri May 4 15:28:11 EDT 2012

Afternoon, Morning, Evening to All -

My deepest apologies for the Recap silence over the past week. At any rate,
we have a huge Recap for today.

Have a great weekend.


Riak Recap for April 27 - May 03

1) Mathias Meyer did a podcast with the Engine Yard team about various
things, one of which was Riak.

* Brew some coffee then go listen to this --->

2) The team at Three Pillar Global released parts two and three of their
series on Riak's MapReduce.

* Part 2 ---> http://www.threepillarglobal.com/node/324
* Part 3 ---> http://www.threepillarglobal.com/node/325

3) Susan Potter's Stangeloop talk from last year called "Dynamo is not just
for datastores" finally made it online.

* Watch here --->

4) Alen Mujezinovic's Django Riak Sessions code just hit v0.0.4.

* Details here ---> http://pypi.python.org/pypi/django-riak-sessions/0.0.4

5) I neglected to pass along this Riak talk along from Austin NoSQL that
Matt Heitzenroder delivered a while ago but luckily Logan Lindquist brought
it to my attention.

* Watch here ---> http://www.austintechvideos.com/v/196

6) Siguniang wrote a short post about getting Riak up-and-running on Ubuntu

* Read here --->

7) Chad Depue and the team at Inaka Labs released a new iOS App that's
built (partly) on Riak.

* Details and download here --->

8) We officially announced the first Riak Meetup in London. Dizzy Smith and
Jon Meredith will be in attendance.

* Details and registration here --->

9) There's a question up on StackOverflow about a Reference Error with
custom JS with a MapReduce job.

* Brave souls are encouraged to answer --->

10) We wrote a blog post about the new Basho office in Cambridge, MA. You
should all come visit.

* Details here --->

11) Shunichi Shinohara tweeted a photo of the Riak and Octocat logos
spotted in the wild together.

* I think we know which of these is prettier --->

# Jobs

1) Great opportunity to hack Riak, Erlang, and much more with the Diverseo
team in Paris.

* Details here --->
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