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Fri May 11 17:12:07 EDT 2012

On May 11, 2012, at 1:20 PM, Ryan Zezeski wrote:

> The best way to use Search is for indexing KV data by installing the precommit hook.  There are APIs to write docs that don't go through KV but IMO they never should have been added to Search and I plan to focus it on indexing KV data only in the coming months.

Ah, ok.  I hadn't thought of using it like that.  Would you like me to potentially submit a wiki entry on using search this way so others may benefit (if/once I figure it out)?

> I'm actually surprised people use the erlang-http-client.  It seems if you're in Erlang already why not just use the protobuff client?

Actually, historically I have used the pb client.  I only switched to the http client b/c I couldn't find _any_ reference to the search functionality in the pb variant.  I didn't notice right away that the rhc client only seems to have rhc:search but no index/delete functions.

That said, I have often wondered if the HTTP client also might be more load-balancer friendly against the REST interface?  Or does the pb client have provisions for this as well?

> Looking at the client, one good thing to do right off the bat is _not_ use map/reduce just to pull back the keys.  That is adding latency and using more resources on the server for no good reason.

Yeah, that makes sense.  I was actually a little surprised to notice via wireshark that it uses the MR engine for a search/3 invocation instead of the SOLR query interface.

> Anyways, I'm supposed to be on vacation right now and not writing emails.  If you decide to write some pull-requests I'm happy to help with questions/reviewing.

Great, enjoy the remainder of your vacation!


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