Riak Overload Behavior

Sean Cribbs sean at basho.com
Mon May 14 19:48:09 EDT 2012

Hi Sean,

Are you running your test suite against 1.1.x? We have seen 400 errors in
the past where the client in a keep-alive connection emitted additional
CRLFs or other whitespace beyond the ones required for the request. The
next time a request was made, the 400 error was already on the wire because
the HTTP parser failed to recognize the (non-existent) request in the
additional whitespace. This error should be fixed already in 1.1.x.

On Mon, May 14, 2012 at 5:45 PM, Sean O'Connor <sean at focuslab.io> wrote:

>  Hello,
> I've been seeing some strange behavior from Riak and any help or feedback
> would be very welcome.
> In particular, we've been seeing pseudo-radom 400 errors from Riak when we
> run our test suite.  Our test suite hits riak pretty hard to test various
> queries and situations in our app and the errors seem to happen a few
> seconds after the CPUs on the testing machine get saturated. I say
> psuodo-random as the errors tends to happen in a particularly riak heavy
> portion of our test suite but the specific call to riak that errors is
> often different (reads, writes, map/reduce jobs, 2i queries).  The thing
> that is really baffling about these errors is there doesn't seem to be any
> information attached other than the 400 message and nothing shows up in any
> of the riak logs.
> If we introduce a 2 second delay between tests in our test suite, the
> problem goes away but obviously slows down our test suite quite a bit.
>  Aside from that, I am concerned about this potentially happening in our
> production cluster.
> Is this more or less the expected behavior of Riak when it gets
> overwhelmed or does it sound like there is something that should be
> investigated further here?  I suspect that I can create a script to
> replicate the problem but if this is somewhat expected then I won't waste
> the time writing it.
> Thanks!
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