Tainted Ring Errors

Todd Nagy tnagy at copiamobile.com
Fri May 11 13:33:48 EDT 2012

Hi All,

Although everything seems to be operating fine, all 3 nodes in a development environment are continuously logging:

[error] <0.106.0>@riak_core_ring:check_tainted:216 Error: riak_core_ring/ring_ready called on tainted ring

with occasional:

[error] <0.101.0>@riak_core_ring:check_tainted:216 Error: riak_core_ring/reconcile :: reconciling tainted external ring

[error] <0.101.0>@riak_core_ring:check_tainted:216 Error: riak_core_ring/reconcile :: reconciling tainted internal ring

[error] <0.107.0>@riak_core_ring:check_tainted:216 Error: riak_core_gossip/send_ring_to :: Sending tainted ring over gossip

This seems to have started sometime yesterday, but at this point, because the logs have rolled over so many times, I cannot pinpoint a particular event when these started.

I did stop and start all nodes, but I haven't tried to remove or add a node.

Any recommendations appreciated!

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