large ring_creation_size

Sam Lang samlang at
Wed May 16 20:47:56 EDT 2012


I have a 10 node cluster with 12 disks/devices per node.  I have setup riak
in a jbod environment with separate riak nodes per device, resulting in 120
riak nodes total.  Based on the documentation, I set the ring_creation_size
to 4096, which gives me ~34 partitions/node and allows me to expand the
cluster in the future.  With this value, soon after starting the 12 riak
nodes on a given physical node, I get "Too many processes" errors and the
riak nodes fail.  Decreasing the value of ring_creation_size to 1024
(giving me ~8 partitions per riak node) prevents the riak nodes from
failing, but then expanding the cluster becomes a problem (30 physical
nodes would result in only ~3 partitions per node).

Is there a reasonable limit on the value of ring_creation_size?
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