Solr Indexing and required fields.

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Mon May 21 11:02:04 EDT 2012

On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 2:01 PM, Eric Boyer <eric.boyer at> wrote:

> I can understand wanting to make Search more focused on indexing KV
> data instead of a 'backdoor'. I was a little confused at first about
> where the search data was being stored.

The confusion is one of the reason I want to see non-KV indexing go away.

> We currently don't store the actual data in Riak because after the
> Riak Search we still have to check permissions and retrieve the data
> from our Relational DB. We've put searching into Riak to better
> distribute the load, and have a quicker update to the search indexes
> instead of having to commit/optimize with Solr. It was very convenient
> to just point to the Riak search/update endpoint and speak the same
> protocol even if the semantics are slightly different.

I'm glad Search is meeting your needs.  I'm curious what parts of RDBMS do
you need that prevented you from using Riak to store the data itself?

There has been some internal discussion about not deprecating/killing the
solr emulation but instead moving it off into it's own layer/application
that sits atop Riak.  I thought you should know.

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