Riak Client Resources, Deleting a Key Doesn't Remove it from bucket.keys

Kyle Kingsbury aphyr at aphyr.com
Wed May 23 16:37:47 EDT 2012

On 05/23/2012 01:08 PM, Steve Warren wrote:
> I'm seeing this pretty consistently and have no explanation for it. I
> delete a large number of keys (20k to 100k), but when I then search on
> the keys ($key/0/g) anywhere from 0-200 or so of the deleted keys show
> up in the results. It doesn't matter how long I wait after completing
> the deletion step, the keys stay in the list until I try to access the
> object and then it goes away. I'm using 1.1.2 and the riak-java client,
> and getting no errors on the deletion step.

We're *also* seeing this problem: residual keys that persist in 2I for 
days after deletion, and disappear on get. Using Java client, Riak 
1.1.1. If you figure this out I'd like to hear about it.


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