Riak / Map, Reduce - error [preflist_exhausted]

claudef at br.ibm.com claudef at br.ibm.com
Thu May 24 09:00:25 EDT 2012

Dear colleagues,

The map reduce process via JavaScript shows an error [preflist_exhausted] 
when doing larger queries on unstructured data.  Up to to 500 keys, the 
queries run OK, but when going to 5000 keys in a bucket the error starts 
to apear. My version is kv 1.1.2 (git).  I would like to use the 
Javascript procedures as it delivers more powerful pattern search behavior 
compared to the Lucene like search syntax function. 

I've already tried the following adjustments in the app.config file 

            {map_js_vm_count, 24 },
            {reduce_js_vm_count, 18 },
            {js_max_vm_mem, 48},

Any hint where to start the tuning to avoid this error? 


Claude Falbriard 
Certified IT Specialist L2 - Middleware
AMS Hortolândia / SP - Brazil
phone:    +55 19 9837 0789
cell:         +55 13 8117 3316
e-mail:    claudef at br.ibm.com
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