Riak cluster creation when node named riak at

Matt Black matt.black at jbadigital.com
Sun May 27 20:20:41 EDT 2012

Hey list,

I'm looking for some advice on the best steps to remedy the situation below.

I have an already running (in production) node using the Bitcask backend,
which I would like to migrate to eLevelDB for 2i support. My plan was to
introduce another node to the cluster with the eLevelDB backend and allow
the two nodes to synchronise, before taking out the Bitcask node. Please
advise if this is a bad approach.

The major problem I have however, is that the Bitcask node was never
properly configured, and is currently named "riak at", listening on I don't see any issues with changing the listening IP and
restarting the node, but obviously I can't change the node name.

So, will there be a problem with introducing say, two new nodes which are
correctly configured and then decommissioning this first node after the
data has been shared out? If the node name is just that - a name - then I
think I'll be okay..

Not an ideal situation to be in, so any and all suggestions appreciated.

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