What kind of protocol are used between Riak nodes?

Alek Morfi alek.morfi at gmail.com
Mon May 28 13:40:35 EDT 2012

Hi there,

What kind of protocol is used betwwen Riak nodes to communicate. Because if
all Riak nodes are located in the same cluster (LAN network scale) there is
no problem.
But when Riak nodes are located on different clusters which are connected
through Internet, there are some limitations. Because some ISPs only allow
communicating by HTTP and SMTP protocol and I am wondering how Riak nodes
can communicate over the Internet. We know that each Riak node is an Erlang
application and Erlang application can communicate with each other by 1)
distributed erlang 2) secure socket

1) Do Riak nodes communicate with HTTP protocol ? ( I mean internal
communcation between Riak nodes)
2) If NO, then how we can connect Riak nodes in a large scale area such as
WAN or Internet scale? (please consider the limitation that some ISP have
on port number and communication protocol)

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