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Tue May 29 13:52:44 EDT 2012

I will request a "pull request", I fixed it, I enabled @RiakIndex for 
collection fields AND methods (String, Integer or Collection of any of 
those), on our coding is working, but still I need to test it more before 
making it final.

I will share the details tomorrow, I already created a fork from your master 

Now you can have something like:

Collection<Integer> getNumbers()

Also this works as index and with no getter (as of 1.0.6-SNAPSHOT) will only 
be that, an index:

Collection<String> numbers;
That will act as index and be ignored as property which is the intention of 
the index, to be a dynamic calculated value(s) and not as property which 
requires the caller to call a post-construct.

And of course, all subclasses of a collection apply.

Thanks for the answer,


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Guido -

The real fix is to enhance the client to support a Collection, I'll add an 
issue for this in github.

What you would need to do right now is write your own Converter (which would 
really just be a modification of our JSONConverter if you're using JSON) 
that does this for you.

If you look at the source for JSONConverter you'll see where the indexes are 
processed.  As it is, the index processing is handled by the 
RiakIndexConverter<T> class which is where the limitation of requiring the 
annotated field to be a String is coming from (it's actually buried lower 
than that in the underlying annotation processing, but that's the starting 
point for the problem). The actual RiakIndexes class that encapsulates the 
data and exists in the IRiakObject doesn't have this problem.

The catch is that you'll need to do all the reflection ugliness yourself, as 
that's the part that's broken (the annotation processing).

Basically, in JSONConverter.fromDomain() you would need to replace
RiakIndexes indexes = riakIndexConverter.getIndexes(domainObject);
with your own annotation processing. The same would need to be done in 
JSONConverter.toDomain() at

Obviously this is not ideal and I'm considering it a bug; I'll put this 
toward to top of the list of things I'm working on right now.

Brian Roach

On May 28, 2012, at 8:03 AM, Guido Medina wrote:

> Hi,
>  I'm looking for a work around @RiakIndex annotation to support multiple 
> values per index name, since the annotation is limited to one single value 
> per annotated property (no collection support), I would like to know if 
> there is a way of using the DomainBucketBuilder, mutation & conflict 
> resolver and at the same time has access to a method signature like 
> addIndex(String or int)...addIndex(String or int) same as you 
> can do with RiakObjectBuilder which lacks support for conflict resolution 
> and mutation style.
> Regards,
> Guido.
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