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Tue May 29 15:07:08 EDT 2012

Also, the coming riak client version removed the embedded json package from 
it and put an old implementation from the main maven repo, I think that what 
was meant to do was to put this version: which has lot of performance 
improvements but no maven repo, the old:


uses lot of StringBuffer instead of StringBuilders and StringWritters 
introduced later on.

I'm wondering about the benchmark of one vs the other.



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Guido -

Thanks, looking forward to it.

Also as an FYI, on Friday I fixed the bug that was causing the requirement 
of the @JsonIgnore for Riak annotated fields without getters.

- Brian Roach

On May 29, 2012, at 11:52 AM, Guido Medina wrote:

> I will request a "pull request", I fixed it, I enabled @RiakIndex for 
> collection fields AND methods (String, Integer or Collection of any of 
> those), on our coding is working, but still I need to test it more before 
> making it final.
> I will share the details tomorrow, I already created a fork from your 
> master branch.
> Now you can have something like:
> @RiakIndex
> @JsonIgnore
> Collection<Integer> getNumbers()
> Also this works as index and with no getter (as of 1.0.6-SNAPSHOT) will 
> only be that, an index:
> @RiakIndex
> Collection<String> numbers;
> That will act as index and be ignored as property which is the intention 
> of the index, to be a dynamic calculated value(s) and not as property 
> which requires the caller to call a post-construct.
> And of course, all subclasses of a collection apply.
> Thanks for the answer,
> Guido.
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> Guido -
> The real fix is to enhance the client to support a Collection, I'll add an 
> issue for this in github.
> What you would need to do right now is write your own Converter (which 
> would really just be a modification of our JSONConverter if you're using 
> JSON) that does this for you.
> If you look at the source for JSONConverter you'll see where the indexes 
> are processed.  As it is, the index processing is handled by the 
> RiakIndexConverter<T> class which is where the limitation of requiring the 
> annotated field to be a String is coming from (it's actually buried lower 
> than that in the underlying annotation processing, but that's the starting 
> point for the problem). The actual RiakIndexes class that encapsulates the 
> data and exists in the IRiakObject doesn't have this problem.
> The catch is that you'll need to do all the reflection ugliness yourself, 
> as that's the part that's broken (the annotation processing).
> Basically, in JSONConverter.fromDomain() you would need to replace
> RiakIndexes indexes = riakIndexConverter.getIndexes(domainObject);
> with your own annotation processing. The same would need to be done in 
> JSONConverter.toDomain() at
> riakIndexConverter.populateIndexes(…)
> Obviously this is not ideal and I'm considering it a bug; I'll put this 
> toward to top of the list of things I'm working on right now.
> Thanks,
> Brian Roach
> On May 28, 2012, at 8:03 AM, Guido Medina wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm looking for a work around @RiakIndex annotation to support multiple 
>> values per index name, since the annotation is limited to one single 
>> value per annotated property (no collection support), I would like to 
>> know if there is a way of using the DomainBucketBuilder, mutation & 
>> conflict resolver and at the same time has access to a method signature 
>> like addIndex(String or int)...addIndex(String or int) same as 
>> you can do with RiakObjectBuilder which lacks support for conflict 
>> resolution and mutation style.
>> Regards,
>> Guido.
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