A Formal request to have a riak_core mailing list

DeadZen deadzen at deadzen.com
Thu Nov 1 10:31:47 EDT 2012

Firstly, I would like to start off by emphasizing my appreciation for and
belief that separating riak_core was a very good thing.

I just wished there was a dedicated place to discuss riak_core. I saw that
there is essentially no mailing list to discuss
riak_core issues; which I feel are wider in scope than riak itself, but
improvements would obviously be of benefit to riak.

I'm also troubled by the fact that there seems to be evidence that if
something isn't needed in riak,
then it should be removed from riak_core ... I think this defeats the
purpose of separating riak_core in the first place
-- evidence:

I believe the point regarding sync_spawn is valid, however I feel like
doing it through an all state event, invalidated some of its purpose.

Rather than simply removing it, because it "doesn't fit" now, I think we
should ask, why doesn't it fit now?
Is it possible that this is due to an earlier decision which may of
impacted the suitability of this and other API aspects?

I think we should discuss these aspects as they change and try to do a
better job at API compatibility.

In closing... I think there should exist open discussions regarding
that don't get buried in the riak list, therefore I humbly suggest a
riak_core mailing list be started...

Thank you...
DeadZen -

#erlang / #erlounge on freenode
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