ripple, use same model as regular document and embedded.

Charlie Bowman charlesmbowman at
Wed Oct 3 15:16:39 EDT 2012

I want to create a model that I can save to its own bucket, but also be
able to embed it in another model.  Is this possible with ripple?

Specifically I want to create a Message model, that I can save and lookup
easily.  I also want to embed a copy of that class in a ReceivedMessage
class.  I would like to work with these models as such:

message =
message.body = 'foo'!

received =
received.messages << message!

By doing this I know I have 2 copies of the message, but I'm alright with
that.  I'm optimizing for reads not storage space.
My endgame is that I want to look up messages without looking through the
recieved messages, and I want a user to quickly view all received messages
without looking up each individual message.
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