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kamiseq kamiseq at
Mon Oct 8 16:56:48 EDT 2012

Im looking for explanation what exactly r, pr, w, dw, pw, rw stands for.

Im sorry if this was already posted but I cannot find anything on
that. I tried,, but it only describes N, R, W.

do I understand correctly that W property is only considered when
updating value and for first store N value is used? or is it:
replicate data N times but return success if it was persisted to W
if DW is durable write then what W really means? can I get successful
response after write operation without object being persisted to
durable storage??

I must admit Im quite confused here.

And second question, If I set r, pr, w, dw, pw, rw in app.config for
every configured node in cluster those values will not be added to
gossiped information, right?

Paweł Kamiński

kamiseq at
pkaminski.prv at

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