riak memstore clarification on enomem error

Sangeetha.PattabiRaman2 at cognizant.com Sangeetha.PattabiRaman2 at cognizant.com
Tue Oct 9 05:39:27 EDT 2012

Thanks Shane ,

Load script used is as follows (basically a curl)

main([Filename]) ->
    {ok, Data} = file:read_file(Filename),
    Lines = tl(re:split(Data, "\r?\n", [{return, binary},trim])),
    lists:foreach(fun(L) -> LS = re:split(L, ","), format_and_insert(LS) end, Lines).

format_and_insert(Line) ->
    JSON = io_lib:format("{\"id\":\"~s\",\"phonenumber\":~s,\"callednumber\":~s,\"starttime\":~s,\"endtime\":~s,\"status\":~s}", Line),
    Command = io_lib:format("curl -X PUT -d '~s' -H 'content-type: application/json'", [hd(Line),JSON]),
    io:format("Inserting: ~s~n", [hd(Line)]),

>> you are right shane .after Loading it I confirm the same by querying the (1.8GB)35 million dataset with first ,middle and last row value(1,15000000,35000000) with id column.hence confirmed its stored onto CustCalls35m bucket of riak db.


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G'day Sangeetha.

On 09/10/12 07:40, Sangeetha.PattabiRaman2 at cognizant.com wrote:
> Dear Team ,
>                   I have a 64 GB RAM ,during the Load of 35 million
> dataset (1.8 GB) it consumes nearly 40-45 GB of RAM durial the startup
> of the erlang script ,but
> While trying to load 40 million dataset (2.1 GB) I am getting  the
> following error
> *escript: exception error: no match of right hand side value
> {error,enomem}**,*

The error message is coming from escript and not Riak. It's just a guess but could it be that the script you're using to load your data into Riak is trying to load all the data into memory before sending it to Riak?
Can you break your dataset into smaller chunks and load them separately?
Or send the data to Riak as you read it from the dataset without storing it all in memory?

> *2.**Is there a provision to make use of the swap memory in riak
> config?*

Using swap in this situation is almost always a bad idea. Your script will end up running so slowly you will be waiting for days, maybe months, for your data to load.


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