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Niklas Saers njs at
Wed Oct 10 09:44:01 EDT 2012

Hi guys,
I've enabled Riak Search on my Riak 1.2.0-1 ring, put a schema on a bucket and pumped some data into it.

When I do a search, I receive a responseHeader that has a maxScore. That's great, but the score for the individual documents doesn't show. How do I get the score for the individual documents listed in my search? I want to use this to display to my users 1-5 stars of how well they matched.

Secondly, if I add a postfix * to any of my search terms, it searches fine, but maxScore says 0.00000e+0. Why is this?

And finally, if I add a weight after my postfix *, i.e. ^5, I get "Unable to parse request: {badmatch, {error, { lucene_parse, "syntax error before: 5.0" } } }  Why is this? As far as I can understand from the docs, a query such as "title:listening*^5" should be fine?

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