Riak mapreduce function map_object_value return empty result on erlang pb client

Mikhail Kuznetsov kuznetsov.m.yu at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 01:32:26 EDT 2012

I use riak erlang client for my project, and update riak and client library today from master(client to 1.3.1 and server to 1.2.0). Everything works except fetching multiple entities with map-reduce return empty. Instead of usual result {ok, [...,{<stage_number>,<stage result>},...]} I get {ok,[]}. Rollback with client and everything works ok. But if I use old client with new riak I got a lot of errors in the server logs.

This is a code example, where BK is list of {Bucket, Key} pairs and every pair is related to an existing entity:

{ok, [{0,Result}]}=riakc_pb_socket:mapred(Pid, BK,[{map, {modfun, riak_kv_mapreduce, map_object_value},undefined, true}])
How can I change that line of code to make it work?

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