Fastest write to riak

David Montgomery davidmontgomery at
Thu Oct 11 13:48:32 EDT 2012


I am using the python riak api and upon stress testing I would have
had a death spiral but my riak cluster was not tuned.

I will now set the bucket N to 2 e.g. test_bucket.set_n_val(2)

Now what is left is w and dw.  I would like the option as least
getting that is most 1 write occurred.  Also want the option to write
and dump.  I can afford data loss.

I am using levelDB.

if I want an ack for one write, do I use test_bucket.set_dw(1)?  How
do I use test_bucket.set_w(0)?

Is there any other tweaks I can do to write with extreme speed?  I
feel I have levelDB tuned.

I have 10 workers each one core in a gevent loop popping a redis
queue.  When I pop the queue if I dont write to redis, the queue is at
most 1.  If I write to to riak....death spiral and the redis queue
will grow till death.  Granted that I did not optimize riak.

I expect 5K qps and I am hoping that I can get a clear picture on how
to set bucket properties optimally.


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