Riak performance problems when LevelDB database grows beyond 16GB

Evan Vigil-McClanahan emcclanahan at basho.com
Fri Oct 12 10:31:06 EDT 2012

Hi there, Jan,

The lsof issue is that max_open_files is per backend, iirc, so if
you're maxed out you'll see vnode count * max_open_files.

I think on the second try, you may have set the cache too high.   I'd
drop it back to 8 or 16 MB, and possibly up the open files a bit more,
but you don't seem to be running into contention at this point.
There's a RAM cost, so maybe just leave it where it is for now, unless
you have quite a lot of memory.

Another thing to check is that vm.swappiness is set to 0 and that your
disk scheduler is set to deadline for spinning disks and noop for

On Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 5:02 AM,  <Jan.Evangelista at seznam.cz> wrote:
>> Can you attach the eleveldb portion of your app.config file?
>> Configuration problems, especially max_open_files being too low, can
>> often cause issues like this.
>> If it isn't sensitive, the whole app.config and vm.args files are also
>> often helpful.
> Hello Evan,
> thanks for responding.
> I originally had default LevelDB settings. When the node stalled, I changed it
>  to
>  {eleveldb, [
>              {data_root, "/home/riak/leveldb"},
>              {max_open_files, 132},
>              {cache_size, 377487360}
>             ]},
> on all nodes and I restarted them all. The application started to run with
> about 1000 requests/second, after about 1 minute it dropped to <500
> requests/second, and the node stalled again after 41 minutes. BTW according to
>  lsof(1) it had 267 open LevelDB files which is more than the 132 files limit
> (??).

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