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Pavel Kogan pavel.kogan at cortica.com
Sat Oct 13 00:59:05 EDT 2012

Hi all,

We are using Riak mainly as key-value storage for fast store/get
operations. However we would like
to use some of its search functionality. We need to run offline search
operations on some fields of
our JSON values. Our storage back end is bitcask cause it is better in
terms of
latency/throughput (at least according to forums) and we want to perform
search on all keys in DB.
Those limitations leaves us a single option of Riak Search and I have a few
questions about it.
1) We saw, that after enabling search option and adding search precommit
hook, store speed (our tests were
    done on single test node) became x10 slower. Is it normal?
2) If we have dedicated node in cluster for search (which would not be used
for KV store/get operations) would
    it do some impact of general cluster performance?
3) For 1M keys in cluster search runs very fast. How it would scale for
100M (or even much more keys)?
    How it would scale with number of nodes in cluster?

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