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David Lowell dave at
Sat Oct 13 18:32:12 EDT 2012

My software needs to be able to set a custom schema in Riak for indexing json objects. To make deploying my software easy, what I think I'd like to be able to do is:

- on app startup, test whether the schema has been added for index already
- if not, set the schema for my index

It does appear that I can test whether a schema exists for my index with (from python):


However, the docs warn against writing any schemas into the _rs_schema bucket directly. The only other interface documented for assigning schemas is the "search-cmd" command line tool. I conclude there does not appear to be a supported way to assign schemas to indexes from code.

I could have my code invoke the command line tools to assign this schema, but then my code would have to run as root.

So, am I missing something? How do other people manage to manage the schemas for their indexes?

Thanks for the help,


Dave Lowell
dave at

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