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> Now, each bucket would have conversation between two users or of a room of
> a site. The conversation rate for (some) rooms is very high, some 20,000 -
> 30,000 messages per hour. We have observed that users usually don't access
> conversations past one week. So, if a bucket has conversation of 3 years,
> then mostly users would access the recent conversation upto a week or
> month. Can riak handle this easily? Also, would riak use RAM wisely in this
> scenario? Would it only keep keys and indexes, corresponding to recent
> messages per bucket, in RAM?
Leveldb backend should.

> Finally, what is the best approach for creating keys in a bucket? Earlier,
> I was planning to use timestamp (in milliseconds). But in a room there can
> be multiple messages at the same time. As I understand I cannot have
> a unique incremental message id per bucket (as riak has write capability in
> all nodes in a cluster so consistency is not guareented). Please correct me
> if I am wrong. One other way could be to let riak generate key and I use
> timestamp as a secondary index. But this seems to be a bad design. Also,
> what would be the best way to achieve pagination for this use case?
You could use redis for incremental id's.

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