Riak secondary indexing 'Unknown field type for field' error

Hrishikesh More hrishikesh.r.more at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 16:42:39 EDT 2012


    Using following JSON I am trying to create secondary indexes in Riak.

            “Id” :  “xxxx”,
            “login”   : “xxx”,
            “context” : “xxx”,
            “creationDate” : “xxxx”,
            “sku1” : {
                         quantity : 1,
            “sku2” : {
                         quantity : 2,

   I prepare RiakIndexes by using above JSON and looping over it. When I
try to store (the same json string) it in following way I get 'Unknown
field type for field: 'sku1'  error.

   IRiakObject riakObj = RiakObjectBuilder.newBuilder(bucketName, id)

   IRiakObject returnObject = bucket.store(riakObj);

Unknown field type for field: 'sku1'.
Unknown field type for field: 'sku2'.

1.  If I don't define nested JSON it works, however it I put 'skuid'  using
objectMapper.createObjectNode()  and add to parent object node (while
preparing JSON for testing), it gives above error.
     Do I have to write custom serializer here?
2.  Is there a way to ignore this error through config in Riak?

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