Efficiency of RIAK

Денис Мельник denis.melnik at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 11:34:00 EDT 2012

Dear team,


In order to compare the efficiency of 'put' operation for RIAK where storage_backend=riak_kv_eleveldb_backend  with eleveldb itself I ran several tests. 

Tests were made under basho_bench.

Please comment the results – the average efficiency of RIAK is 4 times smaller than average efficiency of eleveldb!


Data were placed into empty base. Entry configuration in basho_bench:

{key_generator, {int_to_bin,{uniform_int, 1000000000}}}.

{value_generator, {fixed_bin, 50}}.


Tests were made on one server:

8 Core Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5450  @ 3.00GHz

16 Gb memory



                basho_bench configuration:


                {driver, basho_bench_driver_eldb_ps}. (driver basho_bench_driver_eldb taken from installation package of eleveldb, complemented by parameter write_buffer_size set to different instances of eleveldb) 

                {mode = {rate, 2800}}. (number was taken to level out the efficiency on load)

                {duration = 10}.

                {concurrent = 4} (as amount of vnode in RIAK)

                {operations, [{put,10}]}.


                eleveldb  configuration:


                write_buffer_size = 30-60 mb (according to documentation it’s in RIAK)

                max_open_files = 50




                total = 14658677

                req/sec min = 1081

                req/sec max = 32390

                req/sec average = 24431



                basho_bench configuration:


                {driver, basho_bench_driver_riakc_pb}.

                {mode, max}.

                {duration, 10}.

                {concurrent, 10}. (number was taken to get the highest efficiency)

                {operations, [{put,100}]}.

                {riakc_pb_replies, 0}.


                RIAK configuration:


                version 1.2.0

                {ring_creation_size, 4},

        {default_bucket_props, [{n_val,1}]}

                {storage_backend, riak_kv_eleveldb_backend}


                eleveldb configuration: default RIAK settings




                total = 3981611

                req/sec min =  5214

                req/sec max =  7645

                req/sec average = 6636



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