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Martin Woods mw2134 at
Thu Oct 25 04:36:14 EDT 2012


We're in the process of upgrading Riak to 1.2.1 and have a question
regarding the correct stable version of the riak-erlang-client to use
within our Erlang app against this version of Riak. It seems that we should
be cloning riak-erlang-client from github and using the state of the code
as tagged at version 1.3.1. Is this correct?

If we checkout this tag and make (we're using R15B02 on Ubuntu 12.04), then
it dutifully pulls down riak_pb and protobuffs - but from the master branch
for both of these. Compilation then generates a series of warnings, which
seem harmless enough as they're warning about missing specifications and
unused variables. (Apart from the one that reads:
"src/protobuffs_compile.erl:478: Warning: variable 'Acc' shadowed in 'fun'"
- is this anything to worry about?).

Is all of this to be expected?

Thanks and regards,
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