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David Parfitt dparfitt at
Thu Oct 25 08:18:14 EDT 2012

Hello Martin -

  Yes, riak-erlang-client 1.3.1 is the latest tag that you should be
using to build from Github. The protobuffs implementation produces
several warnings during compilation.

I attached the output of 'make' and 'rebar eunit' using Erlang R15B01
to the gist [1] referenced below. I haven't tried R15B02, however
there is an open issue reported [2] when building Riak against it. I
would recommend sticking with R15B01 for now if possible.

Cheers -


On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 4:36 AM, Martin Woods <mw2134 at> wrote:
> Hi
> We're in the process of upgrading Riak to 1.2.1 and have a question
> regarding the correct stable version of the riak-erlang-client to use within
> our Erlang app against this version of Riak. It seems that we should be
> cloning riak-erlang-client from github and using the state of the code as
> tagged at version 1.3.1. Is this correct?
> If we checkout this tag and make (we're using R15B02 on Ubuntu 12.04), then
> it dutifully pulls down riak_pb and protobuffs - but from the master branch
> for both of these. Compilation then generates a series of warnings, which
> seem harmless enough as they're warning about missing specifications and
> unused variables. (Apart from the one that reads:
> "src/protobuffs_compile.erl:478: Warning: variable 'Acc' shadowed in 'fun'"
> - is this anything to worry about?).
> Is all of this to be expected?
> Thanks and regards,
> Martin.
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