Deleting items from search index increases disk usage

Jeremy Raymond jeraymond at
Fri Oct 26 08:26:44 EDT 2012


I had Riak search enabled on a bucket containing millions of items. I
no longer need these items to be searchable so I uninstalled search on
the bucket via search-cmd. I'm looking to free the space consumed by
the search index for this bucket. Following a previous post [1] on
this list I'm deleting the items from the search index by running
search:delete_docs/1. After getting through about 1 million items I'm
seeing a noticeable increase in disk usage across the 3 node cluster,
an increase of about 7GB per node.

Any ideas on why my disk usage would be increasing rather than
decreasing? The data in the cluster is static, the only activity is me
deleting the items from the search index.

I'm running riak 1.1.2 with leveldb as the backend.



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