Deleting items from search index increases disk usage

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Fri Oct 26 08:40:40 EDT 2012

Hi  Jeremy,

As far I'm concerned, delete operation doesn't delete the data physically,
just mark it as deleted. I've encountered that problem a while ago and was
also surprised about that fact that the data grows instead of reduce.


On Fri, Oct 26, 2012 at 2:26 PM, Jeremy Raymond <jeraymond at> wrote:

> Hello,
> I had Riak search enabled on a bucket containing millions of items. I
> no longer need these items to be searchable so I uninstalled search on
> the bucket via search-cmd. I'm looking to free the space consumed by
> the search index for this bucket. Following a previous post [1] on
> this list I'm deleting the items from the search index by running
> search:delete_docs/1. After getting through about 1 million items I'm
> seeing a noticeable increase in disk usage across the 3 node cluster,
> an increase of about 7GB per node.
> Any ideas on why my disk usage would be increasing rather than
> decreasing? The data in the cluster is static, the only activity is me
> deleting the items from the search index.
> I'm running riak 1.1.2 with leveldb as the backend.
> [1]:
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> Jeremy
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