Issue with clustering Riak nodes on CentOS servers.

SWEENEY, JAMES js5157 at
Tue Oct 30 14:39:49 EDT 2012

Hello,  I am attempting to create a 4 node riak installation on 4 separate CentOS servers.   Installation of Riak went well.  We have run simple tests like riak ping, sudo curl \-v, ect,  and everything seems fine with the riak servers,  they all start up with no errors.  We used the default ports in the app.config files.   Ie:  epmd listener: TCP:4369
handoff_port listener: TCP:8099
web_port: TCP:8098
pb_port: TCP:8087

We have updated all ip addresses in the config files as instructed on the riak site.  Also, we have verified by telnet that the ports are all open and that I can telnet between the riak servers.    Still after all of that,  when I try to do a cluster command I get the following response:

[root at essd-riak-test-server ~]# riak-admin cluster join riak at
Attempting to restart script through sudo -H -u riak
Node riak at is not reachable!
[root at essd-riak-test-server ~]#

I have been stuck on this issue for quite a while and tried everything I found on the riak web site to resolve this.  Any help you could offer would greatly be appreciated.   Thanks in advance.


James Sweeney

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