Search not working any more

Martin Streicher martin.streicher at
Wed Oct 31 18:01:32 EDT 2012

I have a question about Riak search. 

I installed Riak from brew. I enabled search shortly after. And to date, I have been able to search without issues. (Specifically, I am using Ripple, and was previously able to find things in stored keys in individual records.)

I deleted my database today using rm -rf on the data directory. I stopped Riak before the delete, and restarted after recreating that directory with mkdir. 

Now, I cannot search. 

As an aside, a colleague installed Riak from brew and has not been able to search ever, so we test against my machine, or did, until I broke search.

What do he and I need to do to enable search again? Configure something? Sacrifice a goat?

Please help!!! 



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