PHP client changes, 5.2 deprecated

Sean Cribbs sean at
Mon Apr 1 13:55:34 EDT 2013

Hi riak-users,

Thanks to some renewed interest in the PHP Client for Riak, I have
just accepted and merged a pull-request that removes support for PHP
5.2, in an effort to conform with current PHP idioms and
library/module structure. If you are using Riak with PHP 5.2, please
use the "php5.2" branch which keeps the older API and file
organization.  A big thank you goes out to Marco De Bartoli who
authored this change! After the dust has settled and been cleared, we
will move forward with a more sane versioning and branching scheme for
the client.

Feel free to post issues on the official Github repo: General questions can
be sent to this mailing list.

Sean Cribbs <sean at>
Software Engineer
Basho Technologies, Inc.

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