Python client error (ubuntu)

H. Ibrahim YILMAZ ibrahim at
Wed Apr 3 09:02:22 EDT 2013


I'm trying to use riak with python.

I've installed the client (from github).

riak (1.2.0 2012-08-06) Debian x86_64

When I try to connect I got error:

AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'RiakClient'

The code :

import riak
import uuid
import time

client = riak.RiakClient()
user_bucket = client.bucket('user')

new_user ='johndoe', data={
     'first_name': 'John',
     'last_name': 'Doe',
     'gender': 'm',
     'website': '',
     'is_active': True,

I've already installed:

Python 2.7.4rc1


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