error running Erlang m/r job

Tom Zeng tom at
Thu Apr 4 10:07:47 EDT 2013

Hi everyone,

I am trying to run the Erlang m/r following the Riak Handbook, and got the
following error:

(riak at> ExtractTweet = fun(RObject, _, _) ->
(riak at>  {struct, Obj} = mochijson2:decode(
(riak at>    riak_object:get_value(RObject)),
(riak at>  [proplists:get_value(<<"tweet">>, Obj)]
(riak at> end.
(riak at> C:mapred([{<<"tweets">>, <<"41399579391950848">>}],
(riak at>   [{map, {qfun, ExtractTweet}, none, true}]).
** exception error: undefined function riak_client:mapred/3

I've been using JavaScript for m/r and just started using Erlang per Basho
engineers' recommendation at Riak DC meetup. Any help/pointers appreciated.

Tom Zeng
Director of Engineering
Intridea, Inc. |
tom at
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