[ANN] Contact - an interactive shell and scripting language for Riak

Dave Parfitt dparfitt at basho.com
Mon Apr 8 11:02:10 EDT 2013

Hello -

I'd like to introduce an interactive Riak shell and scripting language
that I'm working on named Contact [0]. I've put together a 14 minute
screencast [1] covering some of the basics. To get you up and running
quickly, I've also created a sample script repo [2].

The goal of Contact is to provide:
  1. An easy syntax for most Riak operations
  2. An easy way to incorporate text, JSON, XML, and Javascript into a
script file without escape-character madness
  3. A console that supports simple command completion and history
  4. Extensible object output, conflict resolution and retrier with
Javascript (via Mozilla Rhino)

Eventually, I would like to support Map/Reduce and Riak Search, as
well as some Riak administrative commands.

This project is still in it's early stages, but any feedback or pull
requests would be appreciated. See the Contributing [3] section of the
Github project for more information.

Cheers -

[0] http://metadave.github.io/contact/
[1] https://vimeo.com/63488515
[2] http://metadave.github.io/contact_sample_data/
[3] https://github.com/metadave/contact#contributing
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