"expected_binaries" error in search

Rob Speer rob at luminoso.com
Tue Apr 9 12:49:50 EDT 2013

We're having problems where Riak nodes stop responding to requests,
sometimes while trying to add documents and sometimes while trying to
delete them.

There are a lot of errors in the logs on all machines, and we're wondering
if this has something to do with it. A message like this appears every 1-12

2013-04-09 11:47:52.955 [error]
<0.29725.18>@riak_solr_indexer_wm:malformed_request:37 Unable to parse
request: {expected_binaries,<<"lsh">>,[]}

"lsh" is a field on the data structures we're indexing (it contains
arbitrary tokens generated for locality-sensitive hashing). Here's an
example of what we might be telling Riak Search to index. (It's intentional
that we're using the whitespace analyzer on all fields.)

   'id': 'uuid-1b34a5a7d5894e1f92874066d074ecec',
   'subsets': '__all__ subset1',
   'terms': 'example|en text|en',
   'lsh': 'ANRW BMkA CHyu DN60',
   'segments': '1 1b 1b3 1b34'

This would get sent through self.riak.solr.add() in the Riak Python client,
of which we're using the latest version committed to master (1a379dc1), via
the Protocol Buffers transport.

It is possible to store a document that is missing 'terms' or 'lsh'; is
Riak complaining about their absence when it throws an "expected_binaries"
error? Would this be causing Riak to stop responding to its client
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