Measuring Riak disk usage

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Wed Apr 10 13:55:09 EDT 2013

On Apr 10, 2013, at 1:45 PM, Jeremiah Peschka <jeremiah.peschka at> wrote:

> If you've installed from the apt/yum repository you've installed a single Riak node on your machine. Riak, though, is configured by default to write data to three servers. If some of those servers aren't available, Riak is going to write to a different server via hinted handoff[1]. Since you are only running one node, that single node receives all copies of your data in the hopes that some day the other Riak servers in the cluster will come back for their data.

This isn't quite true. A single node cluster is just going to simply store three copies on 3 of its local vnodes. No hinted handoff is involved. If you add nodes to the cluster, as Evan said, data will be distributed amongst them.


tl;dr, Riak will store three copies on your data, by default, even if you're using a single server.


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