Basho Bench summary png, what is the meaning of Latency Percentile

Christian Steinmann christian.steinmann77 at
Thu Apr 11 06:42:01 EDT 2013


at the moment i evaluate a graphics (summary.png) generated with Basho
Bench and R.
I wonder what the meaning of this 99th, 99.9th and 95th Percentile curves

My guess is that for e.g. 99th curve means: 99% of all measured latencies
(one measured value for each node at a definite time) have been lower than
the shown value at one point in time.

I only have three nodes in this cluster, so i guess the 99.9th, 99th and
95th curves are showing the latency for one of the nodes in this particular

Can someone explain it to me please.

I added one summary picture.

greetings christian
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