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> The thing is, the *only* querying criteria for this app is to aggregate
> the data for the purpose of reporting. Our finance guys want to be able to
> check a few boxes to specify how they want the data grouped, then generate
> the report. We actually do this data warehousing style in MySQL at the
> moment, where the data is renormalized about as far as we can, but still
> allowing for some run time use of GROUP BY and ordering.

Riak is not an analytics DB, don't use it as such.

If you are analyzing data that is years old, then you are not utilizing
Riak for availability properties.  If you are writing sales reports, then
you are more likely worried about consistency than availability.

You have to do some herculean work to turn Riak into a OLAP cube (see's Kobayashi).

You are better off using Hadoop or AWS's Elastic MapReduce if you want do
use MR.  Or if you just need to roll up reports using SQL but allowing ad
hoc queries, consider datases like Vertica <> or
Infobright <>, which are either distributed or
excel at handling data aggregation.

Elias Levy
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