Why does Riak Search find one thing and then tell me there were two?

Rob Speer rob at luminoso.com
Tue Apr 23 14:22:19 EDT 2013

Sorry, I was actually giving 'rows=10' as the argument, not 'count=10'.
That was my mistake in translating between our code and the particular
calls to the Riak Python client.

It will be hard to reproduce anything further, because by now we have
stopped using Riak Search, in favor of just Riak KV and secondary indices.

On Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 7:35 PM, Ryan Zezeski <rzezeski at basho.com> wrote:

> Rob,
> >>> riak.solr.search('test_riak-search', 'terms:plasma\|en', count=10)
>> {'max_score': 0.353553, 'num_found': 2, 'docs': []}
>> How is this happening? Is 'num_found' supposed to be an accurate count?
> Can you try the same query without the count param.  I would imagine count
> maps to 'rows' but if it is by some chance mapping to 'start' then it would
> explain the behavior.  A 'start' > 'numFound' would produce an empty list
> of docs.
> -Z
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