cloned machines issues

Pieter Breed at
Sat Apr 27 05:56:23 EDT 2013


I'm trying to get two cloned machines to form a new cluster but I'm
struggling to get rid of the old cluster config. and were the two machines the clones were made from and are the new machines' ip

I updated the /var/lib/riak/.erlang.cookie file on both machines to
the same value
I changed the /etc/riak/* files to use the new ips
I ran the reip command, which on both machines succeeded

riak ping responds on both machines with pong

running riak-admin status on both machines shows this:

ring_members : ['riak at','riak at','riak at',
                'riak at']
ring_num_partitions : 64
ring_ownership : <<"[{'riak at',18},\n
{'riak at',18},\n {'riak at',14},\n
{'riak at',14}]">>

As you can see the old ip's are still considered part of the cluster,
but they should not be.

I tried this: riak-admin cluster force-remove riak at
Attempting to restart script through sudo -H -u riak
Remove failed, see log for details

/var/log/riak/console.log shows this in the last few lines:

2013-04-27 11:39:28.442 [info] <0.41.0> alarm_handler:
2013-04-27 11:39:50.528 [info]
<0.325.0>@riak_core:wait_for_service:445 Waiting for service riak_kv
to start (60 seconds)
2013-04-27 11:41:12.231 [info]
<0.325.0>@riak_core:wait_for_service:439 Wait complete for service
riak_kv (119 seconds)
2013-04-27 11:41:24.962 [error]
<0.1648.0>@riak_core_console:stage_remove:234 Remove failed
exit:{{nodedown,undefined},{gen_server,call,[{riak_core_claimant,undefined},{stage,'riak at',remove},infinity]}}

It kind of makes sense because those other ip's are not running at the moment.

Can anyone help me to get rid of those machines in the new cluster?

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