Riak Recap for April 27 - April 30

John Daily jdaily at basho.com
Tue Apr 30 17:03:01 EDT 2013

We're back with yet another Recap.

Big news for the week: SoftLayer now offers Riak and Riak Enterprise out of the box in their bare metal server hosting environment. Big news for everyone at RICON East or NYC environs is that SoftLayer is sponsoring the after party, so if you somehow can't make the conference but you're in the area and want to absorb the deep thoughts free beer, register for the party at Hudson Terrace.
- http://basho.com/riak-available-on-softlayer-platform/
- http://ricon-east-2013-after-party.eventbrite.com

And, of course, we're now less than 2 weeks out from RICON East, so grab your ticket while you can, or face several months of deep shame and regret for missing it.
- http://ricon.io/east.html


Basho on the Road
Adron Hall and Casey Rosenthal are hanging out at RailsConf 2013
- April 29-May 2 / http://www.railsconf.com

Basho is sponsoring ScotlandJS, where you'll be able to find Bryce Kerley and Lee Barnard
- May 9-10 / http://scotlandjs.com

Same week, also in Scotland, Basho is sponsoring Scottish Ruby Conference. Stuart McCaul from Basho's London office will be in attendance, and Bryce Kerley will be speaking about cryptography
- May 12-13 / http://2013.scottishrubyconference.com

RICON East will feature a vast and sundry collection of Basho personnel in New York City
- May 13-14 / http://ricon.io/east.html
- May 13 / http://ricon-east-2013-after-party.eventbrite.com

Immediately following RICON, Basho will hold Riak training in NYC
- May 15-16 / http://riaktrainingny.eventbrite.com

Riak Recap for April 27 - April 30

We posted some details about how Ingo and the team at Qeep are using Riak to power message storage for their the fast-growing social network.
- http://basho.com/riak-at-qeep-the-global-social-network/

Library of Erlang utility functions for Riak MapReduce. Contains useful functions for getting the size of the object stored, performing read-repair, and executing deletes
- https://github.com/whitenode/riak_mapreduce_utils

Sean Cribbs posted his "Data Structures in Riak" slides from NoSQL Matters Cologne. There's also some sample code.
- https://twitter.com/seancribbs/status/327797359444623360

A Clojure web service prototype of the Epochal Time Model leveraging Riak and Zookeeper
- https://github.com/gerardc/remi

Numan released python code called Sunspear which is purpose-built for activity streams backed by Riak
- https://pypi.python.org/pypi/sunspear/0.1.2

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